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Obviously, the primary reason you're shopping for carpet is to beautify your home. You want to find just the right texture and color to satisfy your decorating objectives, and you expect the carpet you choose to perform well for years to come. You should expect nothing less.

You'll get everything you expect and more with Shaw carpets, including those featuring the trusted Anso® nylon brand. Anso nylon has a 40-year history of innovation and quality, and current carpet styles crafted of Anso nylon offer leading-edge styling and outstanding performance. Anso, which is an abbreviated acronym for "Anti-soil," was created during the tremendous expansion of the carpet industry during the mid- 1960s, and since that time has built an unmatched reputation as a brand synonymous with excellent carpet fiber.

Anso nylon has always been noted for technological expertise, and among its state-of-the-art fiber innovations are Anso Caress® nylon and Anso Crush Resister® nylon.

Next time around, it can still be carpet.™

Only Shaw recycles post-consumer Type 6 nylon carpet fiber into new carpet, which makes Anso nylon ideal for environments in your home and out in the world.


The "Shaw Green Edge' describes what we've done...and are doing.

In addition to the Evergreen recycling capability, the company's many environmental innovations and initiatives implemented through the years are known collectively as the Shaw Green Edge. It is about real environmental progress that results in positive environmental, economic, and social impacts.

That's the Shaw Green Edge.

  • Greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced by 45% since 2000.
  • Since 1995, we manufacture twice the carpet-per-gallon of water used.
  • Since we began measuring in 2003, we are now meeting a world-class overall energy reduction rate of 3% per year.
  • We actively collect and re-use our manufacturing waste in numerous ways.

And we don't simply talk a good game; we can show tangible results of our environmental process

Shaw has been working for years on innovative ways of reducing waste, improving our manufacturing processes, and preserving our natural resources - before environmental awareness became a trend. We are the only manufacturer that is developing ways to collect and convert post-consumer carpet back into carpet.

Our cradle-to-cradle production emulates nature's pattern of recycling and renewal, with synthetic products being collected and returned to manufacturing of the original product again and again. Cradle-to-cradle is Shaw's goal, and we are well on the path toward achieving it.

While Shaw's ultimate environmental objective is to design and make products that can be collected and safely recycled back into the same Shaw products again and again, we are taking other steps to preserve our environment, these transitional strategies, including conservation initiatives, are achieved through a willingness to invest in healthier, more efficient technologies today.

  • We are the only flooring manufacturer converting waste to energy with our gasification facility at one of our manufacturing facilities. This innovative waste-to-energy process diverts 21,000 tons of carpet and wood flour waste from the landfill each year by converting the waste into steam, which is used to power the operations of the plant. The process is environmentally friendly in the cleaner emissions that will result, and it saves more than 2.5 million gallons of fuel oil per year.
  • Special receptacles throughout more than 100 Shaw facilities allow us to practice standard recycling techniques and keep millions of pounds of paper cardboard, and aluminum out of landfills each year.

Beautiful Shaw carpets today that can be beautiful Shaw carpets over and over.

...and environmentally responsible.

While these product attributes alone give Anso nylon customers the exceptional quality they expect, there is another; increasingly important element to consider: environmental stewardship. All Anso nylon products (and many of Shaw's other nylon styles) are Type 6 nylon, also called Nylon 6. Used in residential and commercial carpet, as well as other products, Nylon 6 is the only residential carpet fiber capable of being recycled back into carpet fiber repeatedly.

Evergreen Nylon Recycling, Shaw's nylon recycling operation in Augusta, Georgia, employs patented technology that converts nylon carpet into the building Mock of Nylon 6 fiber, which is then returned to carpet manufacturing.

Evergreen is designed to utilize post-consumer carpets in a "cradle-to-cradle," closed-loop process, and all Anso nylon carpet styles will contain recycled carpet content from the facility. The sustainable cradle-to-cradle process allows Shaw's and Anso nylon's Type 6 nylon fibers to be recycled over and over again without the loss of any aesthetic or performance properties.

Because you care about protecting the environment, Shaw is labeling its Anso nylon carpets so they are easily recognized as being recyclable. You can find this information on the back of carpet samples in your local retail store. In fact, all Anso nylon styles contain post-consumer recycled carpet content - the percentage of which may vary. In addition, every roll of Shaw carpet will be back-stamped for future identification after its useful life. This enables us to quickly identify Nylon 6 carpet for recycling, thereby reducing landfill waste. For more information, please visit

Evergreen Nylon Recycling

Results we all can live with:

  • The Evergreen recycling network keeps up to 300 million pounds of carpet from Landfills each year.
  • The Evergreen process saves enough oil to produce millions of gallons of gasoline annually.
  • The Evergreen process saves enough energy to run thousands of homes each year