Legacy of Quality

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The Wear-Dated name began years ago with a unique promise: customers who purchased men’s shirts made from a specific superior nylon were given a “wear-dated” guarantee that if the shirts wore out before the date stamped on the label, they could be returned for a full refund, no questions asked. Before long, this promise was incorporated into carpet made from the same superior nylon.

For over 30 years, Wear-Dated has represented uncompromising durability, consistently “tough-testing” its carpets to meet or exceed consumer expectations. Using 100% premium preferred nylon, a high- performance fiber known for its incredible durability, Wear-Dated then added advanced softness and Scotchgard- Protector Advanced Repel Technology to create DuraSoft’s gentle stain- and soil-resistant comfort. And for the ultimate combination of extra strength and supreme softness, consumers choose Wear-Dated SoftTouch- with Soft Fusion Technology-.

Wear-Dated’s rich legacy of promising—and delivering—superior durability, combined with innovation that delivers more softness and more stain and soil protection than ever before, adds up to maximum value for your customers and maximum profitability for you.

Soft, Stylish Strength

Wear-Dated fiber brings over three decades of high performance to carpet. Already the over-achiever in style, color, and wear ability Wear-Dated also features Scotchgard- Protector Advanced Repel Technology for increased stain and soil protection. Customers know and recognize the value in every Wear-Dated product.

Softer Than Ever

Building on its soft strength, Wear-Dated DuraSoft® offers advanced softness and even more durability. This resilient, 100% premium nylon fiber provides extra comfort without sacrificing any performance attributes. The added softness makes Wear-Dated DuraSoft feel thicker, so customers get enhanced fullness for less cost. As in all Wear-Dated carpets, Scotchgard Protector Advanced Repel Technology adds top-quality stain protection to guard against stains and everyday soil buildup.

  • Advanced softness, exceptional durability
  • 100% premium nylon fiber
  • Scotchgard Protector Advanced Repel Technology
  • Long-lasting performance backed by 30 years of proven durability

Supreme Softness

Wear-Dated Soft Touch- gives customers the very best in nylon carpet. Using the latest innovative fiber technology, it combines deep, plush softness with maximum tough durability: robust enough for everyday real life, but incredibly soft, gentle, and comfortable throughout, making it a consistent consumer favorite. Mohawk’s exclusive Soft Fusion Technology makes Wear-Dated Soft Touch the softest soft nylon fiber in carpet. This proprietary process creates an unbeatable combination of strength and softness so carpets feel fuller, richer, more luxurious. And customers love the extra value and comfort.
Nothing feels better to the touch than Wear-Dated Soft Touch carpet featuring Soft Fusion Technology Wear-Dated Soft Touch nylon fibers also have Scotchgard Protector Advanced Repel Technology for premium added stain and soil resistance.

  • Indescribably gentle softness
  • Soft Fusion Technology for permanently plush fiber
  • 100% premium nylon fiber
  • Scotchgard Protector Advanced Repel Technology
  • Long-lasting performance backed by 30 years of proven durability

Soft Fusion Technology

Combining twist, heat, and a proprietary Mohawk process, Soft Fusion Technology creates supreme softness plus enhanced, robust body. The result: extra volume, extra strength, and incomparable softness. Plush, thick, luxurious carpets with Soft Fusion Technology give customers the most value for their decorating dollars. Soft Fusion Technology—the softest soft nylon fiber in carpet.

Consumer Preference

Wear-Dated softness is clearly preferred by most people. In a July 2009 Brand ware Group© survey, samples of Wear-Dated SoftTouch, along with carpet samples from Wear-Dated’s closest competitors, were given to customers. After handling each sample, 76% of consumers chose Wear-Dated SoftTouch over the competition. They consistently rated Wear-Dated SoftTouch as the softest carpet and the one that felt the best overall.

Consumers recognize the considerable inherent value in a product that meets or exceeds their expectations in every area. Wear-Dated SoftTouch doesn’t just feel amazing; it performs amazingly as well.

When asked which of the three samples was the softest, 76% of consumers chose the Mohawk/Wear-Dated SoftTouch offering.

Wear-Dated SoftTouch carpet featuring Soft Fusion Technology was rated softer than its next closest competitor by a better than 5-to-1 margin.

Capitalizing on Consumer Trust

In a May 2009 Brand ware Group© survey, the majority of participants overwhelmingly chose Wear-Dated with Scotchgard Protector Advanced Repel Technology over the competition. When asked to choose between different products, respondents preferred Wear-Dated with Scotchgard by nearly a 3-to-1 margin.

The largest proportion of respondents rated durability, value, stain resistance, and product quality as influential purchase considerations. In repeated tests, Wear-Dated from Mohawk with Scotchgard Protector Advanced Repel Technology was rated superior for stain resistance, soil resistance, and cleaning ease.

Brand familiarity was a key influence in all responses. Consumers know and trust the Mohawk, Wear-Dated, and Scotchgard names. Great brands make the purchasing decision easier for consumers. With brands like Wear-Dated and Scotchgard, you know you’re getting the best.

Peace-of-Mind Warranties

All Wear-Dated carpets come with enhanced warranties. In addition to a Lifetime Anti-Static Warranty every Wear-Dated carpet is warranted* for:

  • Abrasive Wear
  • Soil Warranty
  • Texture Retention
  • Manufacturing Defects
  • Stain Resistance

*Warranties on specific products vary. Please see residential warranty brochure for full warranty information.

Superior Support

Wear-Dated Co-Op Program

Through Mohawk’s premier website (, incentive programs, enhanced training, collateral, and seasonal promotions, retailers receive Wear-Dated marketing and sales support that’s second to none. New Wear-Dated styles and product offerings are designed to answer the consumer demand for more beauty, more features, and more longevity than ever—and attract these consumers to your store.

Through sales of eligible products, Mohawk’s co-op advertising program brings retailers even more benefits by providing co-op earnings to every qualified retailer registered in the program.

  • RETAILERS ENROLL in the co-op advertising program
  • RETAILERS EARN co-op advertising funds on every yard of Wear-Dated carpet sold
  • RETAILERS SPEND funds on targeted advertising to help drive consumers into their stores

To fully support the co-op advertising program, Mohawk has developed an extensive variety of completely customizable marketing media, including:

  • Print
  • TV
  • Outdoor Ads
  • Photography
  • Direct Mail
  • POP
  • Radio Scripts
  • Logos

*Please call 800.665.6542 to speak with a Wear-Dated Co-Op Advertising Specialist.

Wear-Dated Rewards for Life

Wear-Dated Rewards for Life is now part of Mohawk Infinite Rewards! Now there is even more earning potential for you! Earn on Mohawk Wear-Dated products year round, plus earn throughout the year on other Mohawk soft- and hard-surface products. If you are not enrolled in Mohawk Infinite Rewards, please visit to register. Upon completion, you may participate in Wear-Dated Rewards for Life as well as any other eligible promotion.